NEC Meeting Center


NEC Meeting Center

All-in-One Premises-based Application Suite for Collaboration, Conferencing & Mass Notification


NEC Meeting Center (NMC) is a secure and comprehensive collaboration solution that enables real-time sharing and exchange of information between colleagues and customers. Equipped with meet-me audio, web and video collaboration, dial-out Firebar emergency conferencing as well as mass notification in one complete solution, NMC alleviates the need and expense of deploying and managing multiple separate applications.

Smart Application Suite

NMC is a suite of applications including Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration, Emergency Dial-out Conferencing and Mass Notification. Audio applications are supported up to 1,000 ports on a single server and Web collaboration up to 384 ports on a single server. NMC is platform agnostic and can reside on a physical server or on a Virtual Server using VMWare. The suite is supported on NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C, SV9100, SV9300, SV9500 platforms.

NEC Meeting Center offers

  • Real-time information sharing for better decision making
  • Better collaboration, i.e. with a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Reduced travel costs by remaining connected through real-time access and communication
  • Eliminating monthly recurring charges for hosted solutions
  • Secure connections with individuals across diverse locations

Web collaboration real-time sharing

Having the right collaboration tools makes a huge difference in your team’s ability to maintain high levels of customer service – no matter location.

Elevate customer & employee experience NMC

Web Collaboration makes it easy for employees to communicate, share ideas and information with colleagues and customers – in meetings, presentations and training sessions. Combining Web Collaboration with Audio Conferencing or using WebRTC PC Audio, further enhances your team’s collaboration capabilities.

  • Real-time information exchange between colleagues and customers
  • Standalone or with NMC’s Audio Conferencing application
  • Web-based application requires no software download and no recurring costs of hosted solutions
  • Runs across the Internet or a private data network without requiring any changes to firewalls
  • Behind a private network your conference cannot be compromised
  • Upload images for annotation by attendees – and save to local PC
  • Perform public chat to all participants or private chat
  • Upload files to the Chat so other participants can download
  • Record the meeting and download to MP4 file for easy distributed

Audio Conferencing

With NEC Meeting Center’s rich set of audio-conferencing capabilities, staying connected from any location has never been easier. It allows employees to set up and manage secure conference calls via their PC or through the NMC ‘Real View’ web portal on their mobile device.

Flexible, Customizable, Secure

  • Support reservation-less and reservation-based audio conferences
  • Enable secure conference access (access code and personal PIN)
  • Customize conference with entry tones, memorable PINs, recording on/off, auto-call back on/off etc
  • Schedule recurring audio conferences via the Web Portal
  • Use Microsoft® Office Outlook® iCalendar to send invitations
  • See real-time view of a running audio conference via NMC’s “Real View” Web Portal
  • Display loudest speaker
  • Auto mute noisy lines or lines with excessive echo
  • Merge multiple audio conferences into one without dropping calls
  • Record entire conference or excerpts from a conference
  • Send a detailed end-of-conference summary report to the moderator

Mass notification, extend your reach

When an emergency happens or when an announcement needs to go out about a situation or event, you need a quick and reliable method to send notifications out. It needs to be simple to use, have the ability to communicate via different channels and be a system that can be accessed from anywhere.

Getting the word out

NMC Mass Notification is simple to use and sends multi-modal messages to individuals or groups – quickly and efficiently.

  • Select communications medium to use (Voice, Email and/or SMS)
  • Send out emergency alerts, reminders, special event notices, etc
  • Send messages on-the-fly or at scheduled times
  • Send pre-recorded messages or record and distribute immediately
  • Send caller-ID of your choice to display associated ‘caller name’ (e.g., ‘Security Alert’)
  • Display real-time call activity and a progress bar on a Web Portal
  • Report on call completions (Busy, No Answer, Answering machine)

Emergency conferencing

Whether you need to reach a group quickly during an emergency or have a weekly scheduled call with colleagues, NEC Meeting Center’s Dial-Out (Firebar) conferencing can call a pre-determined group of people and pull them into an audio conference.

Automatically ‘Dials-out’ to conference group

NMC Dial-Out provides flexibility to automatically reach a group of people via voice, email, and SMS text.

  • Initiates a conference call with a single press of a speed-dial key
  • Triggers a dial-out conference based on an incoming call, a click on a web portal or a scheduled time
  • Selects the medium to use (Voice, Email, SMS or any combination)
  • Sends caller-ID of choice to display the associated ’caller name’
  • Offers answering machine detection and avoidance
  • Provides detailed reports on call completions (Busy, No Answer, Answering machine etc.)
  • ‘Find Me’ calls all available numbers until the individual answers
  • Alleviates the need to continually schedule repetitive meetings


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