The PBXact System is:

• A Customizable IP PBX
• A Powerful and
• Flexible IP PBX Based on FreePBX

PBXact is based on FreePBX and is driven by the innovation of a very large community of developers who are committed to delivering the best features for every application.

The PBXact phone system is designed for advanced deployments where the installation environment requires complex configuration and customization.

PBXact is commercially supported by Sangoma’s in-house support staff, and its software is tightly controlled by Sangoma engineers – ensuring customers with the best performance available.

PBXact Hardware

PBXact is available in various appliance platforms, which are certified by Sangoma quality assurance team to exceed performance demands.

All Sangoma hardware carries a one year warranty with options to extend.

PBXact Software

If you already have your own hardware or want to install PBXact on a virtual machine, you can install PBXact Software. It is the exact same software used on PBXact appliances.

If you need more users we offer user bundles to provide you with the best value.


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