Backup as a Service – BaaS

Due to the potential impact of data loss and other incidents on your organization, it’s critical to have a clear disaster recovery strategy. Data backup refers to data copying from a primary location to a secondary one to protect it from malicious actions, accidents, and disasters resulting in data loss.
Data is the lifeblood of your organization, so losing it can cause massive, and sometimes irreparable, damage and disrupt business operations. Hence, a backup plan is critical for all businesses. Backup data includes documents, configuration files, operating systems, media files, registry files, and machine images.

A key part of your disaster recovery plan needs to be having a data backup plan. Axcsys Communications offers BaaS as a subscription-based approach for backing up organizational data. This involves purchasing our backup, storage, and recovery services for your data backup. Axcsys Communications offers BaaS that is reliable and affordable to its clients.