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What are the first considerations when selecting a phone system?

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What are the first considerations when selecting a phone system?

Finding the best phone solution for your business requires finding a company committed to understanding your business communications needs, NOT one that tries to make you “fit” their phone system solution(s).

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The starting point is to understand the two basic types of phone systems:

1. Premise-Based Telephone Systems –

When considering this type of solution the system is installed and maintained at your company’s location(s). Today’s systems are either “digital” or “VoIP” (Voice over the Internet Protocal) architected systems. The decision for which type of system you select should always take into account your specific business model. For instance do you have more than one business location? Do you have remote workers? Do you have mobile employees that need regular access to your telephone system when they are on the road? These are just a few examples of the questions you need to consider when choosing the type of phone system your business needs.

2. Hosted VoIP Systems –

When considering this type of solution the system server resides in the provider’s data center. This type of system many times can provide everything you would have installed in your office and in many cases, can do much more. When might this approach make sense for your business?   Do you have a fair amount of seasonal workers requiring use of your phone system during peak periods? Then a Hosted VoIP System might be worth considering. It can help businesses effectively manage these seasonal spurts in a more cost effective way. Do you have multiple locations where many of your employees base out of their homes or an executive office suite? A Hosted VoIP System may be the solution if you need the functionality of a business telephone system. These are just a couple of the questions you need to consider when choosing this type of phone system solution.

We believe these first two considerations is an excellent place to start with your trusted advisor.

Once you determine the type of solution that best fits your business model, then it is time to begin looking at the various solution providers. There are literally hundreds of potential solution providers. The challenge is to have someone help you narrow to a “short list”. This takes a trusted advisor that is knowledgeable about your business model and the top tier solution providers for your market. It is not easy to get to an “apples to apples” when looking at a number of solution providers. However, if you keep the comparison based on your business requirements AND the type of customer support you will receive from the various solution providers, it will make it a little easier.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of keeping your focus on your business requirements and evaluating which solution provider truly understands your business priorities when it comes to a business telephone solution.

Okay, this a “start”.

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