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Voice and data carrier services in atlanta

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Voice and Data Carrier Services in Atlanta

There are literally hundreds of companies offering voice (telephone lines) and data bandwidth (internet access speeds). The companies range from global/multi-national carriers, national and regional carriers.

All of these companies have numerous “packages” to attract potential new customers. AND, the “packages” are constantly changing!

So where/who do you get expert objective advice on the best packaging to meet YOUR organizations needs?


As expected, you have multiple options here as well:

1. Do all of the research yourself, if you have the time as well as a good working knowledge of the voice & data carrier and bandwidth landscape.

2. Have the individual carrier reps call on you and have them work up a quote for the carrier they represent. The key success factor here is that the individual carrier reps understand your business requirements. Of course, the obvious point here is you will NOT get objective advice since each carrier rep ONLY has their company’s offerings to offer.

3. Bring in a few select broker agent firms who have a number of carrier and bandwidth providers to select from, giving you more options. The key success factor here is also how well  does the agent firm understand your business requirements to ensure they are putting the best packages on the table to you that meets your needs. Also, be aware that many broker agent firms have “favorite” carriers because they get larger commissions based on on volumes with a particular carrier. You need to be as sure as you can that this bias is not affecting their advice.

4. You can use independent telecom and/or cost reduction consultants to provide you with the leg work in coming up with the most cost effective voice & data bandwidth options for you to consider. They will act as your intermediary between all of the various carriers. Their goal is to get you the best monthly savings compared to your current carrier(s) since their compensation is based on how much money they save you each month. Of course, you will be usually sharing a significant amount the monthly savings with the independent consultant.

5. Ask your telephone system provider (vendor) to do the leg work for you. Your telephone system provider has probably the most vested interest in making sure you have the best possible voice and data carriers since the performance between your voice and data carrier and the phone system is absolutely critical. Plus, when there are issues to troubleshoot your telephone system provider can take the “lead” for you in determining the problem resolution. When you have your telephone system provider also responsible for your voice and data carrier service you have a single point of contact to get to the bottom of any service issues in the shortest period of time. This factor absolutely eliminates any potential “finger pointing” between the various parties involved.

Now, you need to weigh all of the key factors most important to you. Here’s at least a starting point on key factors to consider:

1. How much time are you willing to invest, or your organization to invest, in researching all of the potential carriers and their packages?

2. How strong is your team’s skills and knowledge to effectively evaluate all of the various offerings?

3. Of all of the outside telecom/bandwidth experts, which ones have demonstrated to you they really understand your business priorities and your expectations?

4. Of all of the outside telecom/bandwidth experts, which ones have technical experts to help you quickly and effectively diagnose and isolate the carrier/network issue(s) when they arise?

5. How important is it for you to have an outside telecom/bandwidth expert who will represent you to ensure you get accurate and fast problem resolution from your carriers?

Weigh these five factors as they pertain to your organization and you will have a great start in getting the best advice on selecting the best voice & data carriers for your business.

If you would like to talk with one of our professionals about your specific situation, please contact us.

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