Utilities & Industrial

Utility companies face growing technology challenges. They must reduce exposure to penalties associated with nerc cip non-compliance, and modernize distribution and transmission networks to support ip-enabled services. They must also adopt a holistic approach to security to address cyber threats and vulnerabilities related to network segmentation and data protection programs.

Although big data analytics presents an opportunity to improve demand forecasts, generation optimization, overall operations and customer service, most utility companies are in the lowest stages of big data and analytics maturity, according to idc.

Axcsys Communication utilities practice believes that it solutions for the utility industry must support business requirements while enabling regulatory compliance. Our solutions improve visibility into areas of concern to speed identification and response initiatives.
Solution focus areas of our utility practice include:

  • development and execution of roadmaps that converge, normalize and secure network infrastructure
  • identification and remediation of infrastructure gaps to reduce exposure to nerc cip penalties
  • development and deployment of big data analytics solutions based on utility-specific use cases
  • comprehensive planning and implementation of holistic security programs that include cybersecurity, physical security, network and data protection, and identity and access management components

Axcsys Communication understands the unprecedented challenges facing energy companies and utility providers today, including ensuring reliability, addressing regulatory compliance issues and strengthening security. Let Axcsys Communication help you increase visibility and security, decrease costs and deliver the superior service your customers expect with end-to-end solutions and services that are:


As a member of cisco’s smart grid partner ecosystem, Axcsys Communication is among the leaders in delivering an end-to-end, highly secure smart grid communications infrastructure that will help energy providers, utility companies and their customers optimize energy supply and demand while lowering operational expenses. We have the knowledge and experience to reduce the complexity and costs of transitioning your legacy network to an intelligent and more secure network infrastructure by providing the insight, advanced technology solutions and services required to make the benefits of smart grid a reality for your organization.


With Axcsys Communication, you can build a flexible and scalable infrastructure based on open IP standards to deliver and manage business applications as a service or utility. Our extensive data center expertise and virtualization capabilities allow you to effectively consolidate your computing, storage, desktop and network resources with interoperable multi-vendor solutions. So, you can streamline it maintenance, significantly cut costs and meet ever-increasing data management demands.


Axcsys Communication’s integrated security solutions improve network and physical security while ensuring regulatory compliance. We hold the coveted cisco master certification in security, which means we have both the advanced technology skills and demonstrated customer success in designing, deploying and providing services for the most sophisticated security solutions available today. Our security experts work with you to assess your current infrastructure and recommend customized solutions to reduce the threat of network and physical security breaches and enable seamless disaster recovery.

Other areas of expertise and capabilities:

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Data backup and archiving
  • Compliance workshops, assessments and health checks
  • Data classification and management
  • Facilities infrastructure support
  • Information lifecycle management
  • Inventory management
  • Device, staging and rack integration services
  • Networking and application monitoring
  • Network and physical security
  • Order management and reporting
  • Professional and managed services
  • Storage networks
  • Systems integration
  • Certified training and support
  • Virtualization
  • Asset lifecycle management